Personal Jewelry Shoppers


We are India’s 1st personal jewelry shopper in surat.

1.       Who is Personal Jewelry shopper –

A Personal Jewelry shopper is an individual who assists others to purchase jewelry, either by accompanying them for shopping or by shopping on their behalf.

2.       Why personal jewelry shopper-

Personal jewelry shopper is technically well versed in diamond 4C’s. He has the correct knowledge to inspect the certified or non-certified jewelry, he can cross check the quality with the certificate. Moreover, he knows the loose diamond current prices of the market. So he knows the fair value addition in the jewelry.

Personal jewelry shopper knows the pricing and current offers/discounts of all showrooms/factory outlet and the stuff they have in their stock.

Personal jewelry shopper will understand the purpose and requirement of the customer, accordingly will take them to the right place for shopping.

Personal jewelry shopper also works as a middleman between the customer and the seller, jewelry buyer sometimes hesitate and due to lack of knowledge about diamond and jewelry unable to negotiate in correct way. Hence seller takes the advantage.

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